Travel Telltales 

Travel to me is road trips. Rocky roads and really long drives. A car trunk flooded with luggage, and some more in the rear seat. And by the feet. And on the lap. How it all fit into our little car, I'll never know. I've been traveling for as far back as I can remember.... Continue Reading →


A majestic sun Plays hide and seek With dense clouds Impervious, yet so clear. Below sags a lowly hill Crowned with crystals Yellow, purple, Orange and blue. The cement structures Grow smaller And smaller Until sight leaves them Deserted To take in the vast fields Of cotton pieced out From the clouds above. A stork... Continue Reading →


Every time that bus vroomed, it was a sign of time fleeting. She did not want to go. Just the sight of that bus made her furrow her brows and grimace. Even at times when she wasn't supposed to be on it. She did not like the journey or the destination. That sound made her... Continue Reading →

A Familiar Stranger

What am I doing here? I wonder, standing amongst a crowd full of devotees, being elbowed and cornered, with hands joined in prayer and in gentle deference to my upbringing. My shoes are off and my feet burn on the heated marble. A priest's wet finger appears out of nowhere and aims for my forehead.... Continue Reading →

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