She wrote of war Boxed in Within the four walls Of her book-filled room. She spoke of death Like she knew Something about it That others were blind to. Her frail body supported Her eyes, bold and fierce As she embraced the grey In a world of black and white. With her words alone Drop... Continue Reading →

Categorical Friendship

Friendship is a strange strange thing. People associate it with values like happiness, love, closeness and success. To have friends is a big social positive and to be friendless is to be an outsider, a misfit. Like everything in the world, friendship is hierarchical. Best friends are seated at the top of the pyramid. The... Continue Reading →

Blind Pace

  You say 'walk' And I will. I'll hear cars, bikes Buzzing, honking. I seek a name For that Which makes me Take each step Without a peek. A sole thought, Dancing in the bustle.


That leaf was the most beautiful thing she had seen in a while. On turning the yellow pages of an old, dusty book she had long-forgotten, there it lay, amongst kind. Paper is made of wood after all, she thought. It was in a safe place. Arid, drained of all that was liquid, it spoke... Continue Reading →

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