A majestic sun Plays hide and seek With dense clouds Impervious, yet so clear. Below sags a lowly hill Crowned with crystals Yellow, purple, Orange and blue. The cement structures Grow smaller And smaller Until sight leaves them Deserted To take in the vast fields Of cotton pieced out From the clouds above. A stork... Continue Reading →

Other Worlds

When the stars dim down And the moon's shine wavers Do you look up at the blue darkness Wide-eyed, hoping to light the world With only your eyes? When the music stops jerkily Amidst intense talks Do you begin to hum calmly To fill the gaps Between silences? When the bright flower That gave you... Continue Reading →


Waving its branches In greeting, Each morning The palmy head Tilts. I take it as a Laurel bedeck. The treetop In sole company Of the blue expanse Retains all power There is to offer; Magnifies it Each day And reinstates it Into my eyes. Until daybreak.

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