A 3-month haiku run

Around this time in 2016, I was struggling to keep up with a daily writing routine as other commitments took charge of my day. So I was thinking of doing something different with words as a part of my free writing schedule. Often, when writing students would ask for advice on how to improve on... Continue Reading →


Each night Her vision grew indistinct Smudged with soot Smeared with smoke Beclouded by gloomy fog As the thick rims came off. After some fumbling And clumsy toe-stubs She would reach out To turn the last lamp off In a failed attempt To function Without help Without clarity Without glasses. The eyelids dropped Like iron... Continue Reading →


She wrote of war Boxed in Within the four walls Of her book-filled room. She spoke of death Like she knew Something about it That others were blind to. Her frail body supported Her eyes, bold and fierce As she embraced the grey In a world of black and white. With her words alone Drop... Continue Reading →


A majestic sun Plays hide and seek With dense clouds Impervious, yet so clear. Below sags a lowly hill Crowned with crystals Yellow, purple, Orange and blue. The cement structures Grow smaller And smaller Until sight leaves them Deserted To take in the vast fields Of cotton pieced out From the clouds above. A stork... Continue Reading →

Other Worlds

When the stars dim down And the moon's shine wavers Do you look up at the blue darkness Wide-eyed, hoping to light the world With only your eyes? When the music stops jerkily Amidst intense talks Do you begin to hum calmly To fill the gaps Between silences? When the bright flower That gave you... Continue Reading →


Black heels on the red ramp They walk the catty walk Graceful, insidious, charming Hungry curves and supple moves A killing smile, a sensual look Onlookers gasp and sigh They model their beauty Fair, tall and lean Because beauty sells. Grey clouds battle over the sky Round, pregnant rain drops Fall like bricks The makeup,... Continue Reading →


Waving its branches In greeting, Each morning The palmy head Tilts. I take it as a Laurel bedeck. The treetop In sole company Of the blue expanse Retains all power There is to offer; Magnifies it Each day And reinstates it Into my eyes. Until daybreak.


I breathe disorder In this place Governed by you. I pray for utter disarray Hailed by every tongue In every mouth. I foresee anarchy That defies every order Every arrangement. Something in me Stares fixedly Ravaging The sequence of the stars. When the storm besets I will finally unlax In the time lag And wait... Continue Reading →


At the end of Each hagridden day, I came to you Seeking a quest, To look forward to. You, I opened, To that page Which held me last. Being released into A yet other world A megacosm That never failed me. In the hope To never return, I read on.

Blind Pace

  You say 'walk' And I will. I'll hear cars, bikes Buzzing, honking. I seek a name For that Which makes me Take each step Without a peek. A sole thought, Dancing in the bustle.


Whispers By silence, Smiles By conventions, Light By shadows, Clarity By choices, Dreams By desires, One By four walls, Straightjacketed.

To dream

He dreams of a faraway land, She nods along, eyes in that direction. He dreams of making his own life, She smiles agreeably. She loves him for his passion, That inquisitive look in his eyes. The power she sees When he raises that steady hand. With every step On every path, They dream his dream... Continue Reading →

The Anarchic Jungle

Dark, malicious beauty Unnerving, just the sight Vulnerable and invincible all the same The anarchic jungle. The comfort Of a faceless crowd The bereaved life A gap between The shadows Of the unknown down under. The circular movement Unending, giddy Dreariness Spreads its arms All rush in Not knowing where to, Just the where from.... Continue Reading →

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