Photo by Brett Patzke on Unsplash

A majestic sun
Plays hide and seek
With dense clouds
Impervious, yet so clear.
Below sags a lowly hill
Crowned with crystals
Yellow, purple,
Orange and blue.

The cement structures
Grow smaller
And smaller
Until sight leaves them
To take in the vast fields
Of cotton pieced out
From the clouds above.
A stork white as a ghost
Smoothly slices through
The air like a blade so sharp
It bleeds
Over hutments of mud
Neatly lined below.

And where does your journey
Take you?
Across continents
Time zones
And oceans.
Do you travel
To find a home
Or to leave it behind?

We’re globe-trotters too
Like you
Voyaging through seas
Flying through clouds
Riding through mountains
For adventure,

But unlike you
We seek,
And so
We seldom find.

Stop a while
Take my hand
As I empty my pockets
To lighten and disburden
To fly to no end.

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