The Anarchic Jungle

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

Dark, malicious beauty
Unnerving, just the sight
Vulnerable and invincible all the same
The anarchic jungle.
The comfort
Of a faceless crowd
The bereaved life
A gap between
The shadows
Of the unknown down under.
The circular movement
Unending, giddy
Spreads its arms
All rush in
Not knowing where to,
Just the where from.
Who the savage
Who the other
Not one can say
Not one can know.
Often, the darkness
Screams like its kin
Silence and she,
Long-lost but united.
Unwelcome as kids,
Now govern.
The freedom finally,
When it doesn’t mean a thing.
They say the light
Appears when you focus
The head too heavy
For the neck alone,
Palms of hands
Don’t read anymore.
Two legs or four,
A tail or no.
We’re all one
In the anarchic jungle.

What light, what dawn
Just a round to
Move in till done.

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